The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation

The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation

(Free pdf) The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation

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Description : Strategies for gaining a powerful edge in the executive talent wars The competition for executive talent is fierce, making it imperative that executive compensation programs become an integral part of every company’s strategic business plan. The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation provides in-depth coverage of current issues and trends in designing and administering executive compensation packages that are strategically, economically, and culturally sound. Renowned compensation and benefit expert Bruce Ellig begins by providing guidance for board members and company executives on defining a company’s organization, culture, and business strategy, in order to establish a framework for executive compensation. He then discusses the often difficultshy;shy;but essentialshy;shy;issues within that framework, including: Pay positioningshy;shy;relative to the competitive environment Risk profileshy;shy;the mix of salary, incentive compensation, and benefits Leverageshy;shy;the relationship between incentive plan payouts and performance Timingshy;shy;the mix of short- versus long-term incentive programs Incentive plan designshy;shy;objectives, performance measures, and participation