Imperial Ambition in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Genoese Merchants and the Spanish Crown

Imperial Ambition in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Genoese Merchants and the Spanish Crown

(Read now) Imperial Ambition in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Genoese Merchants and the Spanish Crown

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The Article : This book examines the alliance between the Spanish Crown and Genoese merchant bankers in southern Italy throughout the early modern era, when Spain and Genoa developed a symbiotic economic relationship, undergirded by a cultural and spiritual alliance. Analyzing early modern imperialism, migration, and trade, this book shows that the spiritual entente between the two nations was mainly informed by the religious division of the Mediterranean Sea. The Turkish threat in the Mediterranean reinforced the commitment of both the Spanish Crown and the Genoese merchants to Christianity. Spain’s imperial strategy was reinforced by its willingness to acculturate to southern Italy through organized beneficence, representation at civic ceremonies, and spiritual guidance during religious holidays.