Innovation performance accounting: Financing Decisions and Risk Assessment of Innovation Processes

Innovation performance accounting: Financing Decisions and Risk Assessment of Innovation Processes

[Free download] Innovation performance accounting: Financing Decisions and Risk Assessment of Innovation Processes

Read Snippet : For successful innovation in business the responsible managers need a consistent view of the individual processes as well as an assessment of key projects in all phases of the development. Generating new ideas, fast examination of its feasibility requires skilled methods for evaluation of these ideas, plans and especially costs and revenues.Business models, calculation methods and some assessments of certain options are presented by the authors. The ability to identify risks and appropriate responses to misperceptions are important milestones in the innovation process. From analysis of problems to the introduction of market-ready solutions, legal requirements, business demands and risk management systems are discussed. Concepts promoting uniform, binding rules for ratings in the innovation process are treated. The identification of target pricing, target costing and litigation, the evaluation of the solution to calculate risk aspects as tasks in financial management and innovation controlling are part of the content.The authors demonstrate that any innovation in different industries requires a strategic and financial project management. Monetary assessment of the individual processes, a detailed patent portfolio and accounts management for innovation processes are of enormous importance. The book is completed by applications of the Berlin Balanced Scorecard Concept with practical examples from the innovation projects in pharmaceutical and technical business.

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